Beaux Arts Consulting

Supporting cultural institutions, heritage sites and local stakeholders in the development of innovative value propositions

innovation strategies

  • Strategic planning, repositioning and new audiences strategies
  • Definition of new business models and diversification of financial resources
  • Funding of technological innovation
  • Benchmark and analysis of technological solutions for content creation and audience interaction; selection process and implementation support of innovative tools
  • Change management and professional training

Cultural and artistic engineering

  • Cultural and artistic programming: scenarios, recommendations, project prefiguration, project management and marketing strategy
  • Creation of exhibitions
  • Cultural heritage development
  • Content production and set-up of mediation devices
  • Sponsorship strategies
  • Creation and management of communities, business clubs and philanthropic circles
  • Business modelling, governance design and development of public/private partnerships

our commitments

A bespoke approach

  • Getting the full picture through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Collaborative methods from design to implementation
  • Cultural programming with the highest artistic standards and financial sustainability

A unique combination of skills

  • A team that brings cultural engineering expertise together with core strategic consulting competences
  • A broad and readily available network of French and international experts
  • A strong track-record of international cultural engineering projects (Middle East, Asia)

An innovation-based network

  • A thorough understanding of the technological challenges facing cultural and creative industries
  • International watch on emerging practices and innovative technologies
  • Collaboration with digital players, business and institutional incubators