Hangar Y

Client: Culture et Patrimoine

Strategic positioning, economic modelingmique

Creation of the cultural project as part of the rehabilitation project of the first airship hangar built for the universal exhibition of 1878, with a strong emphasis on culture and events.


The group Culture & Patrimoine asked Beaux Arts Consulting to draft the operational project of the site, actively focusing on culture and events, at the crossroad of arts, sciences, and nature. After the completion of the planned rehabilitation works for the entire site, cultural and leisure activities, as well as immersive experiences will be implemented throughout the park and inside the hangar itself.


  • Conception of the cultural project and the leisure facilities of the site
  • Creation of the global economic model and 10-year business plan for the operation
  • Identification of the executives susceptible to operate the selected activities
  • Selection of architects and set designers
  • Management of the content production and an XR/VR experience