La Collective

Client: La Collective (Thanks for Nothing, RFF, Make Sense)  and Altarea Cogedim

2021, ongoing
Programming, strategic positioning, and economic modeling

Supporting Thanks for Nothing, leader of the Collective’s project, in planning activities and conceiving an economic model.


The group running and operating the heritage site, which is being rehabilitated, wishes to offer a sophisticated, solidary, as well as inclusive artistic program to a large audience. Beaux Arts Consulting was hired to identify a set of varied activities coherent with its identity as well as capable of ensuring its economic sustainability.


  • Benchmark of the inspirational sites and activities in France and abroad: cultural institutions, third places, cultural neighborhoods
  • Situational analysis of the available spaces, resources, and skills
  • Selection of a set of activities relevant by their potential and practicability
  • Economic and financial modeling in the form of a 5-year business plan
  • Support in the search for fundings and partnerships