Palais Communal of Nice

Client: City of Nice

Scientific and cultural project, local grounding, development of innovative projects

Outlining and definition of the scientific and cultural project for the creation of a cultural site inside the former Palais communal of the city of Nice.


As part of the requalification of the quartier Saint-François, the city of Nice wants to rehabilitate the Palais communal, and develop a space dedicated to the valorization of the city’s heritage, memory, and history, for the medieval and modern periods in particular. In connection with the collections held by municipal museums, the goal is to design the scientific and cultural project that will animate the site, making it a living space able to embody the identity of the city, at the heart of an assertive policy of redistribution of the cultural activities of Nice.

The group lead by Beaux Arts Consulting associates the skills of various actors, including the CENTQUATRE-PARIS for its understanding of urban challenges, the agency Frenak et Jullian for its architectural vision, Laurence Chesneau Dupin and Laure d’Hérouville for their scientific approach of the PSC and the collections, and Christel Parisse for her expertise on Nice’s history.


  • Highlighting the architecture and the past of the Palais Communal and the quartier Saint-François as a whole
  • Analyzing the available collections in other museums, inside and outside of the city, to support the position
  • Defining and detailing the most relevant scientific and cultural project for this specific location