Setting up, monitoring and promoting artists’ residencies in companies

Client : Paris-Île de France Capitale Economique

Since 2022, on-going
Creation of artistic residencies, project management

Context and challenges:

The Paris Île-de-France Capitale Economique (PCE) association is responsible for promoting the international appeal of Greater Paris, and brings together over 50 of the region’s leading companies. It seeks to explore and promote the role of art and culture in Greater Paris, particularly in terms of the region’s attractiveness, vitality and capacity for innovation. In this context, with the support of the DRAC Île-de-France and the operational assistance of Beaux Arts Consulting, MAGNET has set up a program of action including the drafting of a study, the organization of meetings on the subject and the setting up of artists’ residencies in companies, with the aim of creating a fruitful dialogue between the worlds of art and business.

Our role:

Beaux Arts Consulting has supported Paris-Île de France Capitale Economique in setting up and monitoring some fifteen artists’ residencies within companies in the Greater Paris area:

  • Framing of the project and drafting of the call for applications, in cooperation with PCE management and DRAC Île-de-France,
  • Circulate call for applications to artistic networks and assist with artist selection,
  • Setting up residencies: proposing associations based on the challenges faced by artists and companies,
  • Management of residency contracts: drafting of standard contracts and assistance with contracts,
  • Monitoring of residencies: budget tracking, schedules, contract execution and event highlights, daily responses to requests from artists and companies,
  • Support for program communication: communication kit, video production, participation in the organization of a residency feedback event, participation in the design of the visual identity.

Impact and follow-up:

Beaux Arts Consulting’s support has enabled us to set up fifteen residencies, each with very different aims and objectives, but all creating a dialogue between the artist and the host company. Videos of the residencies are available on the LinkedIn page of Paris-Île de France Capitale Economique. After a successful first edition, the program has been renewed for 2023-2024.