Study on the impact of cultural creation on the economic dynamism and attractiveness of Greater Paris

Context and challenges:

Paris Île-de-France Capitale Economique (PCE) is an association in charge of promoting the influence and international appeal of Greater Paris, bringing together over 50 of the region’s leading companies.
The association seeks to promote the role of the cultural sector in Greater Paris, to reaffirm Greater Paris’ unique positioning in the field of cultural creation, and to strengthen the region’s position in the panorama of international competition between major metropolises.

Our role:

The study carried out by Beaux Arts Consulting had three aims:

  • Enhance the impact of cultural creation on a region’s dynamism and attractiveness through a cross-disciplinary approach, taking into account a wide range of cultural and creative activities and combining quantitative indicators and qualitative studies,
  • Compare the cultural and creative ecosystem of Greater Paris with that of other major European and international metropolises (London, Berlin, New York, etc.),
  • Produce an initial summary of the economic and creative dynamism of Greater Paris, providing food for thought and material for future projects.

Impact and follow-up:

This study gave rise to:

  • A literature review of existing studies confirming the role of culture in a region’s attractiveness and economic dynamism,
  • The development of a series of quantitative indicators designed to demonstrate the correlation between economic dynamism and artistic production,
  • Short qualitative focus groups and interviews with players in the cultural and creative industries, to highlight the strengths and specificities of Greater Paris in terms of innovation and cultural creation.