Support for the opening of a museum in Seoul and production of its inaugural exhibition

Client : Beanstalk


Project management, audience research

Context and challenges:

The major Korean group WooriNet has acquired a museum space, previously dedicated to the art of sculpture, to create a new, contemporary and innovative exhibition space in Seoul. Beanstalk, a specialist exhibition design company recruited by WooriNet, called on Beaux Arts Consulting to assist in the creation of this new museum, named Museum Wave.

Our role:

Beaux Arts Consulting assisted Beanstalk in the efficient management of this project, from the first ideas to the completion of the exhibition:

  • Definition of project implementation schedule,
  • Operational and organizational recommendations,
  • Prefiguration of audience research,
  • Organization of the storytelling, branding and communications strategy for the exhibition and the museum,
  • Leveraging the Beaux Arts & Cie ecosystem by producing a special issue on the inaugural exhibition,
  • Day-to-day management of various stakeholders (curator, clients, institutional partners and French network),
  • Operational follow-up following the inauguration.

Impact and follow-up:

The support provided by Beaux Arts Consulting, in keeping with a demanding schedule, enabled Beanstalk and WooriNet to open the museum as quickly as possible. The success of this first exhibition has enabled Museum Wave to establish its presence in Seoul’s cultural landscape.