Beaux Arts Institute is the cultural and artistic partner for corporations

Putting Arts & Culture at the heart of companies’ culture and vision

Online experiences

  • A selection of the finest past, current and future exhibitions on major artists such as Turner or Matisse, or on the Ancient Pompei
  • A lecture based on the exhibition contents, and live interactions with participants

  • Duration and contents adapted to staff working from home, with sessions designed to refresh and open up minds
“Cezanne & the masters, Dreams of Italy” exhibition, Marmottan-Monet Museum, Paris, France
Black Castle by Paul Cézanne, 1905, oil on canvas, collections of the Musée National Picasso
“Pompei” exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris, France
Detail of the mysterious cult of Dionysos, fresco in the Villa of Mysteries, 1st century AD, Pompei, Italy

Cultural Events

Creating artistic and cultural experiences that go beyond standard venue hires :

  • Event preparation with your team in order to relate the artistic content to the DNA of your company
  • Exclusive introduction by a leading figure: exhibition curator, director of the venue, artist…
  • Museum guides: a network of Art history experts from the Point Parole agency, part of the Beaux Arts group
  • Inspiring ” surprises ” moments: TEDx formats, artistic performances…
  • Production of print and video content to increase the impact of the event
  • Distribution of Beaux Arts exhibition albums to our guests
  • VIP access to exclusive venues
  • For your event project, please get in touch with:
    +33 6 37 36 16 45

Corporate Exhibitions & CSR

Enabling corporations, whether they are related to the Art world or not, to use Arts & Culture as a communication tool through the creation of an exhibition, with a focus on the efficiency of the expected outcomes: visibility, internal reach, business development opportunities, etc.

  • CSR exhibitions based on 3 topics:
    • Environnement & Sustainable development
    • Inclusion & Diversity
    • Social impact & Charity
  • Corporate exhibitions built around strategic identity challenges (in a context of merger or repositioning)
“Money in Art History” exhibition created for a first-class French private bank in November 2019, Paris, France
“Money in Art History” exhibition created for a first-class French private bank in November 2019, Paris, France

“Education & New horizons” Program

  • Looking and understanding: guided museum tours, galleries or art fair visits for your staff
  • Talking and questioning: meetings with artists cultural leaders (museum directors, art dealers, visual artists, musicians, writers…)
  • Looking at the bigger picture: “Art Breaks” conferences to address corporate challenges and current social issues through the gaze of Art history
“Art Break” on Notre-Dame de Paris by Jacques Le Roux at Groupama, June 2019
Private discussion with ORLAN for Orange Parnasse’s premium private club, led by Fabrice Bousteau, Beaux Arts Magazine Chief Editor

“Social & Soft skills” Program

  • Fostering cohesion and creativity: workshops with artists to create collective artworks based on various mediums: photography, music, writing, visual arts, theatre, dance…
  • Enriching leadership styles: exclusive sessions to learn the efficient 21st century leadership skills from 500-year-old personalities: Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo
  • Thinking like an artist: a journey through contemporary creation (international art fairs or art galleries) for teams working on radically innovative projects and looking to boost innovation and creativity
“Innovation workshop” for the tech team of a major luxury house, December 2019

Communication session “Words & Images” for two EDF management teams in partnership with the “Ecole Pro” of the Centre Pompidou

Our commitments

Exceptional artistic content

  • Unique proposition sourcing thanks to the constant art world monitoring done by Beaux Arts Magazine journalists
  • Wide cultural ecosystem enabling to quickly gather leading cultural players
  • Strong focus on content quality by the Point Parole network of certified tour guides

Intimate corporate knowledge

  • A team of experts coming from various corporate fields (strategy, marketing, communication…)
  • Systematic consulting approach to challenge ready-made ideas and deliver the greatest added value in term of strategy and efficiency
  • Editorial expertise to ensure the content makes sense for the participants, and to bound corporate life with dedicated artistic content (print, video, talks)

Recognized event know-how

  • 30+ years of cumulative experience in events organization for major corporations, law firms, agencies etc.
  • A diversity of know-hows and an iterative approach to strengthen long-term relationship with our clients
  • Quality improvement process on all events