Positioning, definition of activities and business model of Monnaie de Paris

Client: Monnaie de Paris

2019 – 2022
Strategic positioning, new audiences, programming, economic modeling

Context and challenges:

La Monnaie de Paris is a centuries-old institution which, in parallel with its Parisian activity of minting coins and medals, promotes its exceptional heritage on its Parisian site. As these cultural activities rely solely on La Monnaie de Paris’ own resources, the institution’s management wanted to reposition its cultural offer and activities for the general public, in order to increase the number of visitors to the site, raise its profile and boost its own resources.

Our role:

  • Diagnosis of the institution’s situation and positioning, via interviews and documentary analysis,
  • Benchmarking of institutions in France and abroad,
  • Development of development scenarios reviewed with staff in workshops,
  • Proposal of new programming and mediation axes with a strong innovative dimension,
  • Economic modeling of the chosen scenario and development of an operational roadmap,
  • Development of an editorial line and language elements around the chosen scenario,
  • Definition of the sponsorship strategy: priority projects to be sponsored and associated sales pitches, definition of a typology of target players and development of a grid of innovative counterparts.

Impact and follow-up:

The mission contributed to the evolution of the Monnaie de Paris model, combining a programming strategy and a demanding offering – refocused on the institution’s key themes (metal crafts and the notion of currency and exchange) – digital innovation and economic efficiency through the development of complementary revenue-generating activities (privatizations, sponsorship, catering, leisure activities, etc.).