Market study for the creation of a Guimard museum

Client: Hector Guimard Diffusion

Strategic positioning, economic modeling, new audiences

Context and challenges:

The Cercle Guimard, supported by Hector Guimard Diffusion, have set themselves the task of developing the Hôtel Mezzara (Paris 16th) into a museum dedicated to the architect, focusing on the themes of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoque. In order to enter into negotiations with the French government following two unsuccessful calls for tenders, the two organizations wished to benefit from an analysis of the project aimed at reviewing and substantiating the assumptions of their model.

Our role:

Beaux Arts Consulting delivered a three-part study:

  • A comparative study of museums and sites in France and abroad to better understand the panorama in which the future museum will be located and a study of museum trends and the Art Nouveau theme to validate market growth prospects,
  • An analysis of the context and project of the Hôtel Mezzara: its environment, the planned itinerary…
  • A critical reading of the future museum’s business model, with a specific focus on sales (projected attendance, pricing assumptions, balance between different sources of revenue, etc.).

Impact and follow-up:

The mission resulted in validating the appeal of the Art Nouveau theme and constructing three sales projection scenarios for the Hôtel Mezzara, depending on the level of offer proposed.

This study will enable the two organizations to present a consolidated version of the project to their potential partners, and to enter into negotiations with the French State concerning a long lease for the development of the Hôtel Mezzara.